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As one of the leading health care service providers in the state of Kerala, we are committed to provide the highest quality health care to the society and make health care accessible to all. It is this commitment that helped us to rise from our humble beginnings to one of the most preferred hospitals in the district. Let me thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, to have recognized this and made this hospital one of the best in the district.

We, the TSC family, understand that we are still a long way from our vision of becoming the mos

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The doctor was skilled. Patient requests are honoured. But if you ask for their opinion they give it bodly too, without worrying about what you would think about it. Charges seem reasonable. I have confidence to revisit if needed and hope to get good guidance and treatment. This is all about one experience and though I do not want to be there evermore, I hope every visit leaves me with good experience.

Linson Joseph


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